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Need to Know

May 27, 2020

Wilson Center Canada Institute Director Christopher Sands has a project looking at how states, provinces and local jurisdictions on both sides of the northern border are approaching reopening their economies. And this begs the larger question of how reopening the international border will take place. It takes two to...

May 21, 2020

What if you had to renegotiate all of your trade deals right now with everything go on in the global economy. Well, that's exactly what the UK has to do after Brexit. It has embarked on new trade negotiations with the EU and the US, all while trying to navigate the perils of the Corona Economy. Trade expert and Wilson...

May 8, 2020

Shihoko Goto, of the Wilson Center's Asia Program gives us an economic look at Asia, both in its recovery attempts in dealing with being the leading edge of the coronavirus impact - and the first on the other side of the bell curve - to what is on the horizon.

May 8, 2020

Continuing our look at economics in a time of global pandemics, I talk with Benjamin Gedan of the Latin American Program at the Wilson Center to see what Latin America is doing in this crisis, and the prospects for recovery. 

May 6, 2020

Scott Cullinane, Executive Director at the US-Europe Alliance and alumni of the Wilson Foreign Policy Fellowship Program talks with me about European Union response to coronavirus, and what the challenges posed for an economic recovery on the continent.