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Need to Know

May 20, 2022

Bradley Jardine joins us to discuss his new publication, The Great Wall of Steel -

For years, the international community has known about China's treatment of Uyghurs within China, particularly in Xinjiang Province.  But here for the first time, the campaign against the...

Mar 9, 2022

Touching base with Latin America expert (and fellow Wilson Center Podcast Host!) Benjamin Gedan to discuss a recent piece he co-wrote with Richard Feinberg in Foreign Policy magazine, "Latin America's Leftists Aren't Who You Think."  Check out the article at

Mar 1, 2022

No one can read Vladimir Putin's mind, but we bring in Kennan Institute expert Joseph Dresen to analyze his actions in the recent invasion.  We discuss world reaction and also what may happen next with sanctions.  Further Reading:

Feb 14, 2022

Experts from our Canada Institute at the Wilson Center walk us through the causes and iterations of protests in Canada which led to the closure of border crossings, having an affect on supply chains and regular cross border commerce and traffic.  This audio is taken and edited from a briefing we held for...

Feb 8, 2022

With a long history of strife on both sides of the border, the Colombia/Venezuela relationship is one of the most interesting ones in Latin America.  And with one of the world's largest humanitarian crises occurring there right now, it is even more prescient that we talk to one of the world's leading experts on...